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Marital Issues During The Pandemic

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Spending more time at home during stressful times with your family could lead to marital issues, and possibly divorce.

Local Therapist Carole Lovell said she hasn’t seen an increase of divorce in her married patients, but she does expect a spike overall.

“Being closed in with just about anybody can get on your nerves after a time,” Lovell said. “Couples are really no exception, everyone needs a little ‘me’ time. If they work on doing their own activities and not being demanding of each other, I think it can work to their advantage.”

Homeschooling children, unemployment, raising children, and financial issues are stresses couples can face during the pandemic. Lovell said maintaining a schedule when to wake up, get dressed, and meals can help.

Lovell said if you’re raising children, find ways to involve them and keep them busy and engaged.

“Basic communication skills, just learn to listen to each other and stop all the name calling or hateful words with each other that sometimes we let ourselves do,” Lovell said. “Cut each other a little slack.”

Lovell recommends having fun with family during this time, but to still stay at home.

“We used to enjoy these two week snow breaks and felt all kind of good to have those days with our children,” Lovell said. “I think we can make this be good or we can make this be disastrous.”


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