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Crossville’s Roane State Providing Food to Students

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The Cumberland County Campus of Roane State Community College is offering a food pantry to assist students during difficult times.

Campus Director Holly Hanson said the pantry is for any student needing assistance.

“Our Roane State students, active students, are eligible to ask for help,” Hanson said. “We supply food for the entire household when a student asks for help.”

Hanson said the school wanted to provide the food pantry to students so they can focus on their education instead of how they were going to find food. Hanson said the food pantry goes beyond the response to COVID-19.

“It’s been open for over a year,” Hanson said. “It’s something we provide for our students, and hopefully it will be ongoing.”

Although the pantry tries to provide enough food for a week, but Hanson said students shouldn’t worry about running out.

“They can get food as often as they need to,” Hanson said. “We try to give a weeks worth of food for the entire family. If they run short, they are welcome to come back and ask for more.”

Hanson said they also try to provide other supplies students may need.

“We do have food, but we also have some school supplies, and we have some personal hygiene items,” Hanson said. “They can make you feel a whole lot better. We have things like shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaving cream, and razors. Some of those things are always nice to have.”

Hanson said to set up an appointment, students can email her at or call the Cumberland Business Incubator at 931-456-4910.


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