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Crossville PD Needs Gutter Repairs

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The Crossville Police Department needs to fix its gutters.

Captain Brian Eckelson said the gutters have been leaking for many years. Originally, the city feared a roof problem on the building.

“They’ve got a rubber liner,” Eckelson said. “The rubber liner is old and cracked and allows water to back into the overhang. Some of it runs down inside the wall creating a pretty good issue on the outside with mold and things of that nature. We’re just hoping it hasn’t made it to the inside of the building yet.”

Eckelson said the unique design to the building makes replacing the gutters more difficult.

“The way this building is designed, it doesn’t have a standard fascia board with a gutter attached to it,” Eckleson said. “It’s all built in as one unit. So, without doing a lot of reconstruction and actually building a flat fascia to attach gutters, they’ll have to try to repair what’s up there. We think they are going to try to reline it.”

Crossville has $40,000 dollars in the budget for gutter repairs. That amount gives officials a number of options.

“We’ve had bids for a copper liner being installed that should never need to be replaced,” Eckleson said. “There’s another bid to replace the rubber liner that’s in there. That would be a whole lot cheaper, obviously.”

Eckelson said one of the things that has held up the repairs is the weather. He said contractors want to give everything a chance to dry.

“We’re waiting for the driest time we have,” Eckleson said. “Actually, last summer during the drought, when we had no rain for months on end, there was still water dripping out from the overhangs. For it to dry out I’m afraid it would need to be a pretty long dry spell.”



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