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Pickett County Fails To Pass Budget

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

It’s back to the drawing board in Pickett County as five County Commissioners voted against the proposed 2020-2021 budget.

Fourth District County Commissioner Darrell Garrett was one of the five. Garrett said this year’s budget did not decrease taxes or search for other sources of revenue for the county.

“We let the people know in good faith that when we raised the taxes, if there was any way possible, we would lower them back down,” Garrett said. “And they did not try to lower them any, so I could not go along with it.”

Last year, commissioners voted to accept a $650,000 loan and increase property taxes by 74 cents to balance the budget. Garrett said when making a budget, the people should be considered and not just the government.

Pickett County CTAS Consultant Ben Rodgers said Pickett County finished 2019 about $600,000 in the red.


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