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Wearing A Life Jacket Can Save Your Life

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

No matter your age, wear a life jacket even if you believe you’re a strong swimmer.

That’s the advice from Putnam County Rescue Squad PIO Mike Herrick. He said nine times out of ten drowning accidents, people didn’t wear a life jacket.

“People can get caught off guard, they may get injured and lose consciousness and not have the opportunity to put on a life jacket that’s sitting next to them as opposed to just wearing it,” Herrick said. “They’re being an example to those around them, especially their children.”

Herrick was involved with the rescue squad and dive team that found 41-year-old Derek Lee Wilson at Monterey’s Meadow Creek Lake Thursday. Wilson, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket, tried to save his 6-year-old son who was wearing one.

Common reasons people don’t wear a life jacket include swimming confidence, proximity to shore, and agreeing to not leave a boat. Herrick said don’t rely on others to help you in the time of need, be in a position to help yourself.

“At most of the local parks on the lakes, you may see near the boat ramps they may list how many drowning victims [there have been],” Herrick said. “They may also list how many were not wearing a life jacket and how many were. You’ll see that the vast majority of them were not wearing life jackets.”

According to the 2019 TWRA Boating Incident Statistic Report, eight deaths were recorded, five from drowning.


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