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Staying Alert For Child Abuse Victims

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Teachers and staff are keeping a more watchful eye for child abuse signs as students return to school.

Local Elementary Counselor Jill Bouldin said school staff and faculty are always worried about the student’s physical health and mental well being.

“There was a lot of concerns, like kids being unsupervised at home because parents were still having to work while we were out for a longer extended period of time,” Bouldin said. “And maybe parents fighting, difficulties with them being out of a job and at home and a lot of stressors going on in their life.”

Bouldin said teachers are told to be more alert and patient as children return to school to search for red flags of abuse. She said staff are required by law to report anything suspicious to DCS.

“We’re always concerned when we can’t physically lay eyes on our students to make sure that they’re doing okay socially and emotionally,” Bouldin said. “So yeah, we were concerned somewhat and just wanted to make sure that students were getting their proper food because we have a lot of students who their only meals come from school.”

Emotional warning signs include a withdrawn nature when the child is usually outgoing. Physical signs include bruises, scratches, or unexplained marks. Bouldin said children will usually say something to an adult if the adult is listening.


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