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Old American Legion Post Back in Fentress County’s Control

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Fentress County controls a new piece of property on its square.

The old American Legion Post that’s behind the County’s Chamber of Commerce, has been deeded back to Fentress County. Mayor Jimmy Johnson said the property was already supposed to be controlled by Fentress.

“We was looking and it showed up that it was still in their name and there was no need for it to be that way since they have a new one, so they graciously signed it back over to the county which was in the lease deed to start with,” Johnson said.

This is the American Legion Post that operated in the 1960’s and 70’s. Because of the property’s location, Mayor Johnson said it should be easy to make use of it.

“It’s behind the Chamber of Commerce and so we can do a lot of the activities there and such, in this time in the future,” Johnson said.

The current American Legion Post is near the Jamestown Municipal Airport, and was built on land given over by Fentress County.



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