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UC Regional Airport Updates Airspace

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The Upper Cumberland Airport has updated its airport zoning map.

The zoning map sets height restrictions for infrastructures built around the airport. Manager Dean Selby said the airspace is reevaluated every 10 years to match the layout plan.

“When that pilot is flying in, and we are talking about instrument conditions,” Selby said. “When the ceiling is at 200 hundred feet and the weather is absolutely horrible, and they can see nothing except relying on estimates that they have a protective air space to fly in.”

Selby said the zone is like a cone that starts at the run way and continues to rise at a standard slope. The Federal Aviation Administration requires counties to have a record of the protected fly zones. Both Putnam and White County approved the updates Monday.

“The further you get away from the airport, every so many feet, that elevation changes cause it keeps giving you more and more space,” Selby said. “When you get out five miles from the airport, basically the sky is the limit.”

Selby said the height restriction also pertains to any vegetation planted or grown in the area.


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