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Free Hunting Day Saturday

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The TWRA is hosting a Free Hunting Day Saturday, the first day of squirrel season.

Communications Coordinator MiMi Barnes said this is a great way to introduce hunting to those who never hunted before.

“Hunting is important because it can provide, it can be a source of food for our families,” Barnes said. “It definitely allows us to spend outside in the outdoors, and we all know today how important it is to spend time outside. We see it as a management tool for managing wildlife.”

Barnes said a license is not required, but hunters born after January 1 1969 must complete their hunter education requirements. She said an apprentice license is available for novice sportsmen.

“State residents are exempt from hunting licenses, and you do not need a WMA permit that is typically required to hunt on a Wildlife Management Area,” Barnes said. “You also do not need the permit on that day, on Free Hunting Day.”

Hunters can harvest up to 10 squirrels a day from the opening day of squirrel season through Feb. 28, 2021. In addition to squirrels, species that have a year-round season will be open as well. Those animals include armadillos, beavers, coyotes, groundhogs, and striped skunks.


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