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Warren County Extends Hybrid Learning

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Students in Warren County will continue a half in-class, half at-home schedule through the first nine weeks.

Warren County Director of Schools Grant Swallows said the system based the decision on parents feedback.

“What we’re doing currently is working and working well, we got a lot of feedback from community members and parents and students and teachers that felt like our plan of what we’re doing is going well and it allows for an opportunity for students to be further distanced,” Swallows said.

White County Schools recently ended their hybrid model with a unanimous vote on Sunday. Warren County has more than 1,000 students using full time remote learning. Swallows said one path would have been easier but it was not an option.

“Choosing one path or the other would have been the easiest thing to do just so that we could say ‘this is what we’re doing and everybody do it’ but we know it’s not necessarily that way for everybody, we’re dealing with students who might have preexisting conditions or living with adults that may have preexisting conditions,” Swallows said.

Warren County teachers role in the hybrid model is a key part in the current success, Swallows said.

“They’re having to teach traditionally with students in the classroom but also with students at home learning remotely and the hybrid model but also with our students who chose the VIP model where they’re completely virtual and learning at home, so they’re having to focus in three different areas,” Swallows said.

Over 18 percent of Warren County students are learning completely remote.


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