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Inaugural WCTE Downtown Film Festival Shows Local Talent

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The first WCTE Downtown Film Festival in Cookeville will put local filmmakers in the spotlight this weekend.

Over 100 local submissions have been made to the inaugural WCTE event.

WCTE Film festival Director Laura Holloway said highlighting local talent emphasizes the importance of the stories of the Upper Cumberland.

“I think that everyone has a story and I think that everyone, especially in the way that the world works today with everything being so digital and so online and so immediate if you have a camera and you have a vision I think you can be a filmmaker,” Holloway said.

Events will take place inside the Cookeville Performing Arts Center and around the West Side. If you want to participate, but not in-person, there is an option to buy a ticket and watch online.

Holloway said for filmmakers, this kind of event is important in helping find support for the vision of their films.

“You just have to have an idea and a story to share and if you can do that there are places to submit these films, there are people that are interested in backing those supporting that you just have to gumption to get in there and do it,” Holloway said.

The events held inside the Cookeville Performing Arts Center will have limited seating capacity. Other events will be projected outside and in Dogwood Park.

“People can bring picnic blankets and social distance and just have a way to be with each other and be with family and friends but doing so in a safe manner,” Holloway said.

Awards for best documentary, mini-documentary, unfinished documentary and for young filmmakers will be distributed.

The inaugural WCTE Downtown Film Festival will be August 29th from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The outdoor portion is free and open to the public. For tickets, the schedule, workshops and more,visit WCTE’s website.


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