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Dale Hollow Diver Finds Sunken Vessel

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

A Kentucky diver found a sunken vessel in Dale Hollow Lake.

Treasure Hunter Loy Milam said during his dive Tuesday he came across what appeared to be an old houseboat or dock.

“The metal on those is really thin, so I guess it’s not uncommon for those things to sink over the years,” Milam said. “This is just one that I stumbled up on.”

Milam said other objects he has found in Dale Hollow Lake include turn-of-the-century coins, brass lamp parts, suspender clips, and shotgun shells. He has also found modern lost items including sunglasses, jewelry, toys, and anchors.

“You just never know what’s under the blanket of water at this beautiful lake, you just never know,” Milam said. “People are really, really surprised some of the things that I’ve pulled up. They just can’t believe, you know.”

Maprika is an app Milam uses to view the topographical area under the lake’s waters to look where old house sites are located, some as old as 1918. He lays the old map over a modern one to determine where to dive next.

“That was a flooded community, you know,” Milam said. “People at one time lived there and walked on that ground and so they were losing things just like you and I do in our yard or wherever we’re at.”

Milam updates his YouTube channel “Diggin’ With Seven” and Facebook periodically with updates. He dives at least three times a week.


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