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Putnam Eligible For Tourism Recovery Funding

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The Cookeville-Putnam County Visitors Bureau is eligible for more than $100,000 in recovery marketing grant funds.

Executive Director Molly Brown said the funds will be used to showcase safe activities for tourists in Putnam County.

“Tourism is actually the second largest economic driver in Tennessee,” Brown said. “The Governor and Commissioner Ezell really see that if we can give a shot in the arm to the tourism industry that would really help overall for the economy.”

Brown said the state used the county’s tourism spending numbers to determine the amount eligible. The visitors bureau is currently working with the department of tourism for ideas. Brown said funds can also be used for creating safe environments for local businesses. Things such as branded masks and hand sanitizer for local businesses fall under the grant.

“We do know that it is going to be for safe travel messaging,” Brown said. “So, digital campaigns, advertising campaigns, billboards. Different things like that that will be able to get messaging out to potential visitors.”

Brown said projects must be submitted by November 1st and completed by December 30th.

“It is not a matching grant, and it is not an upfront grant where we would get the dollars,” Brown said. “So, what we would do is put together a strategic plan for what we would do with those dollars up to that amount, which is $106,317.”

Brown said the parameters of what is eligible under the grant are continuing to be set. Each project must be approved by the state. After completion, the visitors’ bureau would be reimbursed the costs. Fifteen million would be directly awarded in grants to all 95 counties’ designated Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Additional funding will be allocated to support Tennessee State Parks and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. 


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