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Livingston Hires 2 New Fire Fighters

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The city of Livingston hired two new full time fire fighters.

Jason Huggins and Robert Holt are the two joining the crew. The two hires came after MTAS Fire Consultant Dennis Wolfe recommended to add more full time fire fighters last month.

Fire Chief Rocky Dial reviewed the responsibilities of the crew outside of fires during Tuesday’s Alderman meeting. Alderman Kelly Coleman asked for the report after an alleged slow response time to a house fire.

“Of course, traffic lights,” Dial said. “Hydrant repair maintenance. Medical calls. We run a lot of medical calls. Escorts on the trash truck. Of course, you know we had a bad incident with the trash trucks. Well, if the police department is busy, we go and run block for them.”

The city fire department now has six full time fire fighters. Dial said other responsibilities outside of fire calls also include installing smoke alarms, turning off the splash pad, temperature checks and traffic control.

“We go out and check when people call about carbon monoxide in their house,” Dial said. “We got a meter and go out and check it. We do fire extinguisher training. We got to the schools and teach them. Animal calls. We go and check on animals sometimes.”

Mayor Curtis Hayes worked with Dial since the August alderman meeting to find the funding to pay the new hires.





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