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Monterey Mayor Talks City Accomplishments

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins will leave his post Tuesday night when a new board is sworn in.

After six years, Wiggins said his biggest accomplishment is working to expand outdoor recreation in Meadow Creek Park.

“We would like to transform that particular area into what I would call a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, whether it’s water sports, hiking, biking, fishing, outdoor camping, wilderness camping and whatever one wants to do out in nature,” Wiggins said.

Other accomplishments at the forefront are tourism plans for Bee Rock Overlook after nearly 11 acres were given to the city. Wiggins said he looks forward to seeing what can come of that area across the community.

“We look forward to developing that into a grand tourist attraction, plans out there we are installing a compost restroom, we would like to build an alternate trail to the overlook for folks that can’t manage that steep terrain presently and for folks that can’t do either of those we would like to build a timber overlook,” Wiggins said.

Accomplishments in expanding recreation are not the only things Wiggins holds up during his tenure. Wiggins said he points to improving student safety at Burks Elementary with a sidewalk project.

“The school has been rather isolated up there with no safe routes for kids to come off that campus to go throughout town, and we’re building a sidewalk project now that will connect with the Rail Trail at Crossville Street,” Wiggins said.

However, Wiggins will close out his tenure in September after losing re-election in August to J.J. Reels. Going forward, Wiggins plans to focus on his two businesses in downtown Monterey with his wife after leaving office.

“We’ll be downtown on the Boulevard, we’re not missing out on anything,” Wiggins said.


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