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New LED Lights for Upperman Football Stadium

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Upperman High School has new LED lights installed in its football stadium.

All four football stadium light poles have been replaced after the March tornadoes and straight-line wind damaged the poles in May. Upperman High school Athletic Director Nathan Brown said getting these lights up and running for the 2020 football season helps athletes.

“We were not able to really have night practices either without the lights, so we were practicing more in the heat of the day, which you know is tougher on our athletes and now we can wait until the heat of the day passes and practice later in the night,” Brown said.

Brown said the goal for Upperman was to get the lights finished for their first home football game. Even though the first game was played at Tennessee Tech, the finishing date reached the goal line.

“If we had to have played that game here at Upperman, which we were the home team, we were prepared to do that and that was our goal the entire time,” Brown said.

That week one date and project completion date were both August 20th.

“They’re a little bit higher, and they’re LED lights now which means the image is a little bit clearer and the light gives off a clearer radiance,” Brown said.

Upperman High School’s first home game under the new lights is set for September 18th against Cannon County.


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