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Van Buren Removing Sparkmantown Garbage Container

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Van Buren’s Sparkmantown garbage container will be removed due to illegal dumping.

Mayor Greg Wilson said tires and glass were being disposed at the location. Wilson said shattered glass from the illegal dumping created risks for the playground near by.

“I think what was happening was when glass was being thrown around there and busted,” Wilson said. “It was just ricocheting and going toward the playground. So, we just did not want any kids or anybody, as far as that goes, to get hurt.”

Wilson said the container will be moved to Spencer this month. The county consulted with the director of the Sparkmantown community center about closing the container. The director agreed with the decision.

“If you have anything other than household garbage that you need to get read of, bring it to Spencer,” Wilson said. “That is where everything goes that is not household garbage. There is convenient centers basically in every community in the county that you can take your household garbage or your recyclables.”

The playground is located about 40 feet away from the dumpster. Wilson said the county and local residents have cleaned the broken glass multiple times in the past.

“It has been going on for the last few weeks,” Wilson said. “We posted signs asking people to not do that, but it was still being abused. The glass was the last straw so to speak.”

Van Buren’s Piney Grove convenience center temporarily closed in June for illegal dumping. Residents were throwing garbage on the ground and on the top of the compactor while it was closed each night. Wilson said the dumpster has since reopened with no problems.



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