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Monterey’s Standing Stone Rehab Community Pen Pal Program

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Monterey’s Standing Stone Care Rehab is asking for pen pals for its residents.

The center is posting photos of residents online including their interests for personalized letters and packages. Administrator Casey Malone said the program is meant to fight loneliness and boredom with visitation being limited.

“This pen pal program allows them to feel apart of the community that surrounds them,” Malone said. “Opening the packages, reading the letters and the cards and getting personal responses from the community truly brings them a source of joy and connection that is just priceless.”

Malone said the facility has seen a great response from the community. Monterey High School students have even joined the program by sending weekly items of inspiration to the elders.

“The Pen Pal program has the unique ability to allow our residents to share themselves, who they are, and what makes them special,” Malone said. “Through the program, our residents can share their interests, hobbies, their favorite foods and the unique things that bring them happiness. Signature HealthCARE’s Standing Stone Care and Rehabilitation Center has been so moved by the response.”

Malone said each day around mail time, the residents start to smile with excitement to open their pen pal’s next card.




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