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Four Day School Week for Warren County

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Warren County School Director Grant Swallows said he feels good about moving to a four day in-person school week.

The new schedule goes into effect October 12.

Swallows said adopting four days instead of five will help keep teachers and students practicing virtual learning in case the system has to go back to the hybrid model.  Swallows said he based his recommendation on other districts who have adopted the four day model and his own systems feedback.

“We just spent a lot of time talking to the families in our school district, our teachers in the school district and even I went and spent some time with our students at the high school, predominately,” Swallows said. “To get their input and try to create a plan that works for Warren County and I think we’ve done that.”

Swallows said the biggest change will be enforcing social distancing rules, and not losing focus on safety with more students coming back. Also, the system will use Fridays to clean schools.

“When you bring this many people back in a building, you just don’t have as much distance between each other,” Swallows said. “We’ll just really have to stay strict on the procedures we’ve put into place.”

Parents interested in full remote enrollment can register now through Sunday night. Swallows said this is happening because of the systems change of direction.

“We want to provide that, we want to be good at that and I think that’s a viable option,” Swallows said. “For any students or families that feel like they don’t want to come back to this environment.”

The Warren County School Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve the four day model. However, the four day model will not start until the second nine-week grading period begins.


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