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Monterey Beer Board Approves Changes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Monterey restaurants could now serve alcohol outdoors after the beer board approved three amendment changes.

Under the changes, vendors can sample alcohol at the farmer’s market. Manufactures can have over 50 percent of sales come through alcohol. That would allow a microbrewery to open in Monterey. The third change, according to Mayor J.J. Reels would provide more flexibility to local restaurants.

“Say you are in a restaurant, and you want to have a beer with your meal outside on a table,” Reels said. “The way the amendment is written you can not do that. But, we are changing it that you can have a beer with your meal on premises.”

Currently, if a vendor wants to have a tasting or provide samples at the Farmer’s Market, there is nothing in place to allow this. If passed, samples can be given out only if a special event permit is obtained from Monterey.

“It is just like applying for any other permit,” Reels said. “It is just going to allow a micro-brewery to come to town and provide samples at the farmer’s market. It is just to permit to allow them to do that. Now the way it is written, there is really no provision for doing that.”

If a business with a beer license in Monterey has more than 50 percent of their sales from alcohol for two consecutive months or three months in a calendar year, they lose their license. Reels said under the changes, manufactures will not fall under this rule, but bars will.

Reels said the new guidelines will benefit current and future Monterey businesses. All three changes passed 4-1 Monday. The changes to the ordinance will be presented at the regular board of alderman meeting on October 5th.

“The beer board consist of members of the board of alderman, and it passed 4-1,” Reels said. “(…) So, I think it will pass with no problems.”

Monterey currently has one restaurant that serves alcohol.


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