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Putnam Library Begins Phase 3 of Reopening

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

The Putnam County Library is moving into Phase 3 this week and opening up more services.

Allowing guests to browse the book stacks and opening up meeting rooms to groups of ten or less. Putnam County Library Director Phil Schaller said letting people find a book in-person during the pandemic could be a nice change of pace.

“It’s important to be able to entertain yourself when you’re stuck inside for the entire day and you don’t feel safe going outside or meeting with others,” Schaller said. “It’s all good if you have Netflix and you can binge Netflix all day, but if you don’t or you don’t want to it’s nice to have access to reading materials.”

If Phase 4 is reached, it will open up reading areas and fully open the children’s library. Currently the children’s library is by appointment only.

Schaller said a decision on Phase 4 will depend on COVID data when the board of trustees meet on October 13th.

“We weigh the pro’s and con’s of opening up more service versus the safety ramifications of doing that,” Schaller said. “It’s gonna need to be some downward trends in average daily numbers of cases.”

Schaller said to contact the library if you have questions about what services are being provided. The computers in the Putnam County Library are open for use, and have been since Phase 2.


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