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Litigation Ends for Bee Rock Easement

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

Monterey has been granted a summary judgement Friday on the easement for Bee Rock.

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels said the dispute was between the city and near by property owners over the trail leading to Bee Rock. Reels said visitors had become afraid to take the trail but now Monterey will control the trail indefinitely.

“It’s just a relief to the people of Monterey that they can go and enjoy it now with the freedom to enjoy it as they please,” Reels said. “And not have the constant threat of someone badgering and harassing them, so it’s just a huge thing for the people of Monterey.”

This trail passes the old Kampgrounds of America building. Reels said the dispute over the right of way to Bee Rock had been going on for over 3 years.

“It just kept on going on, it’s just such a long drawn out process,” Reels said. “Just getting the summary judgement is such a relief, because now we know that we have the right to that right of way as long as the property’s there.”

However, receiving the summary judgement is not just about enjoying Bee Rock in its current state. Reels said Monterey wants to continue improving the area.

“We want to make it so that people that may be handicapped or older can enjoy the overlook, Reels said. “So we’re gonna create a second overlook before you climb up that.”

Reels said Monterey needs permission from the Tennessee Greenways to build the second overlook. Also, Reels said there are plans to create a lighted parking area through an agreement with Tennessee Greenways.



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