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Bumbalough: It’s Important To Get A Flu Shot, Especially This Year

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader

With a substantial focus on COVID-19 and flu season approaching, it is important more than ever to get a flu shot.

That from Putnam County Health Department Director Lisa Bumbalough. She said seasonal flu is responsible for thousands of premature deaths in the state.

“You know as every year we know that getting that flu shot is simple, it’s very easy to get in most locations, and it’s the most important thing that we can do as individuals to help prevent ourselves from getting the flu,” Bumbalough said. “And then from passing it on to other people whose bodies can’t protect themselves as well.”

Bumbalough said the Department of Health and CDC urge annual flu vaccinations for everyone over six months old. She said the shot reduces flu illness, doctor visits, and missed work or school.

“It’s simple and it’s very easy to get that flu shot,” Bumbalough said. “And when you do get it you’re not only protecting yourself from the flu, which you know can cause a lot of complications. Flu vaccination-it has a lot of important benefits.”

Every year the CDC studies flu strains from the year before to create a new vaccine. Bumbalough said although the shot provides some protection, that protection is better than no protection.


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