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Dale Hollow Eagles Looking for New Nest

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Dale Hollow Eagles Looking for New Nest

Both of the Dale Hollow Eagles and two fledglings have been spotted in the area of their old nest that was destroyed in the Spring.

The Dale Hollow Eagles are named Obey and River, and are famous for their nest cam.

Dale Hollow Eagle Cam Facebook Manager Darlene Neeley said there was a watcher in the area Friday, and one of the eagles was spotted. Neeley said watchers are looking to see if they see the eagles carrying sticks for a new nest.

But a new nest could cause problems for a future eagle cam.

“They’ve got cable run to where the old nest was, so it’s gonna all depend on where the new nest is located,” Neeley said. “Whether we have to run some new cable or what’s gonna happen, we’re hoping it’s close because if it’s too far away there might be too much expense and we may never get that nest back.”

Their nest fell in the Spring of 2020 and a new camera could not be installed until the eagles are away from their nest in July and August of 2021.

“That’s when the eagles kind of take their vacation,” Neeley said.

However, Neeley said the Dale Hollow Eagle Cam Facebook page will continue to keep people updated on sightings. As well as the status of the new nest when it’s located.

“If one of our eagle watchers happens to be out on the river and sees them, we post pictures,” Neeley said. “We’re trying to keep people updated.”

Neeley said Obey and River have two fledglings. The pair has had 3 successful fledglings in 2014 and 2019. Neeley said eagles producing three successful fledglings 23 percent of the time.


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