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Training to Spot Human Trafficking Can Save Victims

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Training to Spot Human Trafficking Can Save Victims

Law Enforcement agents this weekend credited a Springfield, Tennessee hotel staff with their training in human trafficking.

It led to the arrest of a Livingston man accused of sex with an underage girl.

Rana Zakaria is Community Educator for the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Zakaria said training healthcare workers, school staffs and hotels on how to identify trafficking is a large part of ending the crime. Zakaria said this gives people the ability to know how to talk with suspected victims.

“If we don’t take the time to have that conversation, ask the kids some questions, we’re not going to see reductions in victimization,” Zakaria said. ” We’re going to be indirectly facilitating the problem and we’re going to be helping the traffickers if we’re not asking questions and noticing those red flags.”

Zakaria said some of the red flags to be aware of are an over-controlling loved one or guardian. Zakaria also said looking for the signs given by a potential victim can be key.

“Has that person kind of disconnected from family, friends and community organizations, do they have some bruising in various healing stages around their wrist, their arm and neck?” Zakaria said. “Are they a fearful, timid, submissive person, do they appear to be coached of what to say or what to do?”

Zakaria said there is a similarity in human trafficking awareness, to approaching COVID-19. Because knowing who is at risk and protecting yourself, makes a difference.

“It’s important that everyone is informed, everyone is on the same page,” Zakaria said. “Everyone knows who is a high risk and ways to protect themselves and the community.”

Zakaria said anyone can become a community advocate by taking training courses and getting involved with high-risk populations. Two specific examples she said are high risk are homeless populations and children in foster care.


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