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Burn Permit Season Begins October 15

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Burn Permit Season Begins October 15

Critical wildfire season is cranking up, and so is burn permit season in Tennessee beginning on Thursday.

Assistant Cumberland District Forester Jim Dale said a burn permit will allow you to burn woody vegetation, like leaves and brush piles. Dale said this time of year gets dry and leaves start falling, which puts citizens in the position to be responsible for how and what they burn.

“Assuming that the fire is out is one of the big problems,” Dale said. “Even with active burning the second problem is not staying with the fire, you’re required to stay with your fire until it’s dead out, you’re responsible for the fire that you set.”

Dale said getting a permit is as easy as visiting and following the links. Even if someone gets a burn permit, you are not allowed to burn anything that needs to go to a landfill.

“Such as treated wood, shingles, tires and things of that nature or household garbage,” Dale said. “Those things are totally illegal to burn.”

These permits are for people who live outside of city limits. Cookeville for example, its fire department has its own burn permit system for inside city limits online.

However, Dale said if you live in a smaller area you should contact the Tennessee Department of Forestry to check which permit you need.

“Not all of the cities like Gainesboro or some of the smaller cities have their own burning permit system,” Dale said. “You can start with us if you would like and our personnel are very aware of the cities that have their own burning permit systems.”

Dale said critical wildfire season in Tennessee will last until the middle of May. Dale said the Spring brings its own challenges, like increased wind and a lack of tree canopy.


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