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Putnam Parks and Rec Applying for Trail Grant

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Parks and Rec Applying for Trail Grant

A planning grant to decide the best option for extending the rail trail will go before Putnam County Commissioners Monday.

Putnam County Parks and Recreation Director John Albertson said the Healthy Build Brant will help decide the best option for extending the Rail Trail from Algood to Monterey. Albertson said he feels this is the right time to start planning.

“There’s been different expansions made that have kind of moved the ball forward to get us to this point,” Albertson said. “I think we’re at the perfect time to be able to try and do that while the city of Algood I think, tries to move their trail a little bit closer to the city limits, so then we can move forward.”

Albertson said these Healthy Build Grants usually top out at about $30,000 to $50,000 dollars. Although, Albertson said this grant is just for planning, and if the trail plans move forward, more costs will arise.

“If we move on to try and get different funding to be able to actually trail in, then yes we’ll have to do several different environmental studies and different lease agreements,” Albertson said. “There will be quite a bit more substantially after we move forward and if we are able to get more funding.”

Even though Albertson said this time is the perfect time to start planning the trail. This is not the first time this idea has been considered.

“The Trail Committee had told me that it’s been in the works for going on 15 years now,” Albertson said. “It’s been a discussion at least.”

Albertson said parts of the county have used Healthy Build Grants to build a splash pad in Monterey and a walking trail and playground at the Putnam County Sports Complex. There are also plans in Baxter to use this grant to put in its own splash pad.

If the county approves the plan, Albertson said a pre-application will be submitted and wait for acceptance.


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