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Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour Visits Byrdstown

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour Visits Byrdstown

Tennessee State Senator Ken Yager and U.S. Congressman John Rose made four stops today for the Get-Out-The-Vote bus tour.

Monday’s tour ended at Byrdstown’s Activity Park, and constituents were urged to make the time to vote by any of the available options. Congressman Rose acknowledged the dangers of the pandemic this election and told residents not to let fear take away their vote in 2020.

“Obviously the Coronavirus presents some risks, but I believe if you follow safe protocols that you can vote safely by going to early voting,” Rose said. “Hopefully trying to select a time when the crowds are not to great, if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, obviously you can absentee vote.”

State Senator Yager also said the early voting period provides a window for those with Election Day concerns to pick a voting time that meets their needs.

“We’re doing everything we can to minimize contact with this COVID-19 and I understand why people are concerned,” Yager said. “That’s why I would encourage them to early vote, probably in the next few days the early voting will slack off, it’s traditionally a little lighter in the middle of the period.”

For those different ways to vote, Rose said absentee voting in Tennessee is seamless. Rose encouraged voters to trust absentee voting.

“That procedure is well established in Tennessee and is very seamless and straight forward and we have well run elections in Tennessee,” Rose said. “Preserving the integrity of the outcome of our elections is job one for our elections administrators and for our Secretary of State.”

Yager said if voters plan to mail in their vote, they should act quickly. Yager said that as Election Day approaches, he views absentee voting as a less practical option.

“If you’re gonna go by absentee ballot you need to do it right away, you have to get your application by mail, send it back by mail and then get your ballot,” Yager said. “There’s some time involved there, so as we get closer to the election, that becomes to me, a less viable opportunity.”

Rose said the Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour is a bipartisan mission. Rose said everyone should find their way to vote during the pandemic.

“To encourage people of all political stripes frankly, to come out and vote in the election,” Rose said. “To exercise their right as Americans in this free democracy that we have to come out and express their opinions by voting.”

Yager said the turn out of interested constituents has made him feel proud of areas he serves, like Pickett County. Yager said the bus tour has shown that all types of people have an interest in getting people out to vote.

“Local officials, working people, young people have all turned out,” Yager said. “I’m just so proud that they’ve made the effort to come, and join me and encourage others to vote.”

The Get-Out-The-Vote Bus Tour is making stops in seven different counties. Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson is joining Rose and Yager on all of the stops.



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