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TTU Offering Help To Quarantined Students

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
TTU Offering Help To Quarantined Students

Tennessee Tech University is offering different ways to help its students that are quarantined.

All isolated students are contacted daily by health services for physical and mental wellness checks. Multicultural Affairs Assistant Vice President Robert Owens said the university tries to provide all needs that on campus students might have.

“So any student that was one of those students that lived in an apartment or on campus in a resident hall,” Owens said. “They are our responsibility, we feel, to provide the same within reason services they had before they were quarantined or isolated if they choose to stay on campus.”

Owens said off campus students can still take advantage of the university’s programs but do not receive as many benefits as on campus students. Owen said housing and meals are not provided, but off campus students can still utilize the university’s food pantry.

“I know our food pantry had been working on a plan to provide some food resources to students off campus and in the local area,” Owens said.

Owens said most students that are exposed go home, but the university still provides isolated living spaces. The university is trying to enhance these spaces by providing basic accommodations.

“We try to provide microwaves for those students that may have shared a microwave with a roommate, and they had to move out,” Owens said. “And even going to be working towards having refrigerators on hand for students that may not have had a refrigerator or sharing a refrigerator.”

All students can participate in the COVID -19 counseling group and Mental Health Mondays through the counseling center. Owens said both programs provide support for any student wanting to join. Individual sessions can also be scheduled.

Owens said the exercise science department is also creating a series of exercise videos for isolated students.


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