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Moderate Allergy Season for Upper Cumberland

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Moderate Allergy Season for Upper Cumberland

Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Center Allergist and Immunologist Dr. Erin Rohman said 2020 has been a moderate allergy season in the Upper Cumberland.

Rohman said this allergy season she is seeing patients experience nose, eye and throat irritations. Rohman said COVID pushed people’s allergy concerns to the back burner, however the pandemic affected allergy exposure.

“We really got out in nature a lot more, so I do think that the outdoor allergens did bother those of us who are affected by allergies,” Rohman said. “Those who were driven indoors by the pandemic, the typical allergens of dust, indoor mold and animals definitely increased patients symptoms this Fall.”

Rohman said ragweed and golden rod will affect allergies for close to another month. However, Rohman said when fall allergies end, outdoor mold and indoor allergens will still be prevalent.

“Because mold is a fall pollen, that is not necessarily killed off, so to speak by the freezing temperatures,” Rohman said. “We can still be dealing with mold in the late Fall and well into the Winter.”

Rohman said outdoor mold will affect people when they start getting out for late in the year yard work. So, just because mowing season might be over, allergens will persist in the yard.

“Mold is common in the fall as the leaves start to fall to the ground and gather mold underneath,” Rohman said. “People get out and start working in the yard and trying to clean that up, we do get a lot of mold exposure.

Rohman said the colder weather will force ragweed and golden rod to stop being as prevalent. Dr. Erin Rohman is a board certified Allergist and Immunologist.


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