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Cumberland EMS Adds Automated CPR Devices

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland EMS Adds Automated CPR Devices

Cumberland County Emergency Medical Services has improved its capabilities by purchasing four new LUCAS devices.

The lightweight mechanical device automatically delivers chest compressions for patients needing prolonged CPR. EMS Director Chris Miller said the new devices allow emergency personnel to provide other critical lifesaving procedures.

“Usually, there is only one individual in the back of a unit,” Miller said. “Back of an ambulance trying to do multiple things. Medication administration, ventilation of the patient and CPR. That takes the CPR portion out of it.”

Miller said each device costs $15,000. Miller said that shows the county’s commitment to providing efficient emergency services. The devices are now in service with all emergency workers trained to use the equipment.

“I went to the budget committee and the emergency service committee as well as the mayor and said this is a piece of equipment that I feel is the state of the art,” Miller said. “I believe it is a game changer as far as patient care goes for the community and for the county. They were 100 percent on board with it.”

The LUCAS device not only compresses the chest but also pulls up on the chest pulling blood back into the heart to obtain better blood circulation. The push-pull system allows for a complete recoil of the chest to ensure the blood can build up pressure that is essential to keeping the brain functioning.

“We are real excited about this piece of equipment,” Miller said. “We believe it improves our services for the people of Cumberland County.”

A representative from LUCAS held a brief training for the emergency workers. Miller said becoming familiar with the device only takes bout an hour.


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