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Jackson County Fire Department Adds Unique Teaching Tool

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson County Fire Department Adds Unique Teaching Tool

The Jackson County Fire Department has purchased a trailer that’s designed like a home to help teach kids about fire safety.

Jackson County Fire Chief Jeff Conn said this is the first time the county has had a teaching tool like this. Conn said this trailer will recreate nearly every fire emergency that can happen in a home.

“It has smoke simulation, it has a door that heats up so they know not to grab that door if they feel it, that that’s a door to get away from,” Conn said. “It teaches you that there’s more than one exit, it teaches you about storm awareness. The stove, it’s got a stove that kind of has a light in it to show you not to touch a hot stove, not to touch a fire place.”

In order to help the Jackson County Fire Department regain some of the money spent, the fire department is offering sponsorship decals. Conn said the 6″x 12″ decals cost $100 for one year, and $250 for three years.

“We’ve purchased this trailer and to try to recoup some of the funds we spent on it, because these funds are used to help educate the community and to help educate our firemen,” Conn said. “The money we get back will help recover what we paid for it and it will also go to help pay for classes for our firemen.”

Conn said the fire trailer will be make stops at all Jackson County schools, day cares and special events. Conn said teaching kids about fire safety hands on is more effective than just talking about safety.


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