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3rd Annual Dale Holloween Moving Forward for Kids

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
3rd Annual Dale Holloween Moving Forward for Kids

The 3rd annual Dale Holloween is still taking place across from town hall this year in Byrdstown on Halloween Night.

Byrdstown Mayor Sam Gibson said kids have been cooped up this year and he’s happy the city is moving forward with the event. However, Gibson said there will be requirements to keep the event safe.

“We will put a few little requirements on people when they’re there with their candy,” Gibson said. “Maybe to bag it up and to not make hand to hand contact with the individuals, maybe just drop it in a bag, but we feel like that’s probably as safe a way as we can do it.”

Gibson said the open area on West Main street is big enough to keep everyone giving out candy 10 to 15 feet apart. Gibson said if this event is like last years, he expects a large turnout.

“We’re gonna expect around 400 or 500 kids there,” Gibson said. “It’s very good, it’s safe, they’re not out going door to door to everyone’s house.”

Gibson said safety at the event is about more than COVID protection. Gibson said rules have been set to protect kids so they can get candy without the dangers of traffic.

“Inside the area, whenever we start we do not allow any vehicles to be running and driving,” Gibson said. “They have to be there until it’s over, if they’re out of candy and they want to leave they have to wait until it’s over because we want to make sure that inside our park area that it is safe for the kids.”

Gibson said Dale Holloween will start at 5:00 PM on October 31.


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