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No Movement On Cumberland River Hospital Meeting

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
No Movement On Cumberland River Hospital Meeting

Communication issues with the Cumberland River Hospital and Celina municipalities continue with no movement on a rescheduled meeting date.

All parties were set to address the EMS issues on October 20th, but Celina Mayor Tonya Spears reportedly cancelled the meeting due to some participants not available. Hospital Owner Johnny Presley said he has not received any communications since the cancellation.

“We have tried and Tonya Spears has made it known she has no intentions of rescheduling any meeting, because she sees no need in it until she knows that the hospital is going to be reopened,” Presley said. “However, the hospital is not going to be reopened until this situation is resolved.”

Presley claims that Celina EMS intentionally diverted patients to other hospitals without giving a choice of healthcare service. Presley said the hospital has the appropriate technology and staff to care for trauma patients.

Spears said she has also not received any communications from Presley and wants to meet at a closer time when the hospital can reopen. Spears said she looks to have a one-on-one meeting with Presley to try and bring the hospital back to the city.

Presley said the hospital will not be able to reopen for at least six months with the EMTALA investigation.

“I am going to turn the issues over to Medicare on all these EMTALA violations,” Presley said. “They refused patients to be transferred to facilities of their requests, which is obviously, blatantly a violation of Medicare laws and not only that, it is discriminatory against patients and their personal rights.”

The hospital’s clinic continues to operate with X-Ray abilities. Presley said he apologizes to Clay County residents for the two closures of the hospital in the past year.


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