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Gainesboro Bicentennial Park Entrance Sign Design Final

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Bicentennial Park Entrance Sign Design Final

Gainesboro Bicentennial Park development continues with a new entrance sign on the way.

Chamber of Commerce Director Jordan Hunter said the 36 by 36 inch outdoor themed sign will be mounted in shrubbery at the park’s entry.

“When you go there, you see the outdoor characters with the colors and the stump steppers that get up on the play system, as well as, there is a rock wall that you can climb up and get on the play system. There is a lot of outdoor themed components to this play area, and we wanted the sign to match that.”

Jordan said the PVC sign is designed as a stump with a tree and the park’s name in the center. Construction for the park’s pavilion should start sometime next week, Hunter said.

“The concrete is done, which was one of our hold ups,” Hunter said. “We got that completed. The pavilion is the last main construction piece of it. We are going to leave the park closed until we get the landscaping and dirt work done and cleaned up. And then, we are going to reopen the park after that.”

The Gaineseboro Board of Alderman Thursday approved the $1,000 sign. The park will also have a 600 square foot metal pavilion with a playground and future fitness center. Hunter said he recently applied for a grant to install cameras for the area.

“We are looking to put in cameras at the park,” Hunter said. “We applied for a grant. Hopefully by early December, we will know if we got the grant for the camera system. If we do, that would be installed immediately after. We are hoping to have that. If do not get that grant, it is not to say we will not do the camera system.”

The upgrades are a part of a three year Project Diabetes Grant. The entire project has an estimated completion of July 2022.


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