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McMinnville’s New Mayor Focusing On Tourism And Infrastructure

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
McMinnville’s New Mayor Focusing On Tourism And Infrastructure

Newly elected McMinnville Mayor Ryle Chastain will be sworn into office November 24th.

Chastain said as mayor, he wants to focus on adding to the city’s tourism.

“We have beautiful waterways and parks. We have companies here in town now that do river tours and kayaking and outdoor adventure sports,” Chastain said. “And, really pushing our new addition in the civic center and really pursuing more tourism opportunities.”

Chastain said bringing entertainment to the city’s renovated $9.2 million civic center will play a part in showcasing the community. Chastain said he also wants to address sidewalk and roadway improvements in the downtown area.

“This is not something specific to McMinnville, but pretty much everywhere has some street and maybe sidewalk infrastructures they would like to see improved,” Chastain said. “So, that is something we definitely want to look at and has been a very loud concern voiced to us.”

Chastain joined the city’s government as an Alderman in 2014 until becoming vice-mayor in 2018. Chastain will replace current Mayor Ben Newman. Chastain said winning the seat has been a humbling experience.

“I am just totally honored that the community has been put that level of faith and trust and me to be the city mayor and lead the community in the next four years,” Chastain said. “There has just been an outpouring of support from the people in the community. Lots that I know and some I do not know. An that is probably the most validating part of it.”


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