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What To Say To Veterans On Veterans Day

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
What To Say To Veterans On Veterans Day

If you come across a service man or woman this Veterans Day, make sure to say thank you for your service.

Putnam County Veteran Service Officer Mark Harris said that is the most meaningful thing you can say to a veteran.

“You do not realize that you can still reach out and touch and talk to those World War II veterans or Korean Veterans or Vietnam Veterans,” Harris said. “So, it brings that closeness to each and every person, and the veterans appreciate it.”

Van Buren Veteran Service Officer Johnny Crain said many veterans of Vietnam and Korea did not have a choice to serve. Thanking them for that service can make a veterans day.

“Thank them for their service. That is the big thing,” Crain said. “Most veterans they appreciate you saying thank you for your service. You would not believe how much of a difference that makes for them.”

Harris said if you see a veteran in need Wednesday, to stop by and see if you can aid them in any way.

“If you see a veteran in need just stop and ask what their need is and what capacity that you can help them,” Harris said. “Say thank you to their service also. Most veterans appreciate that just by somebody they do not know thanking them for their service.”

While some veterans do no like the spotlight, Crain said as a veteran, he appreciates the kindness he sees on days dedicated to our military.

“I just want to wish all the veterans a very happy Veterans Day,” Crain said. “I do appreciate being a veteran and appreciate what everyone has done. I have heard some real good stories since I have been here.”


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