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Putnam Road Supervisor Happy with Current Location

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Road Supervisor Happy with Current Location

Putnam County Road Supervisor Randy Jones said having a new highway department building would be nice, but he doesn’t see any issues with the current location.

The proposed location change would bring the highway department from East Veterans Drive to Tennessee Avenue. Jones said operations run smoothly in the 56 year old building, but if he did move it would help to get a bigger space to park equipment.

“If we did do this I would like to have a large shed to park a lot of our equipment, we have a large shed now but I don’t have enough room to get everything that I need in it,” Jones said. “I would like to have some more space too, please.”

Jones said the department does not experience any traffic issues because crews leave before the morning rush. He said he likes the current location, but sees no issues in moving a few miles.

“It’s real handy where we’re at, where we’re at we’re right in the middle of town and I can send somebody north of town, south of town… east or west, we’re real centrally located where we’re at now,” Jones said. “You’re just talking about a few miles down the road, so it’s not no big issue.”

Jones said the idea of sharing a facility with the Putnam school bus garage and county maintenance would work as he understands it. However, Jones said they already work together, without sharing a facility.

“If they do build this, would like to build a large building and say the county highway department would be on one end, the bus garage would be on the other end,” Jones said. “I haven’t saw any plans or anything about it but it sounds like it could work.”

Jones said the current highway department building is about 10,000 square feet. He said if the location moved he would like the new equipment shed to be 80 x 200 feet, the current shed is 30 x 200 feet.


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