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Putnam Commissioner Said County Needs To Be Realistic With Land Values

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Commissioner Said County Needs To Be Realistic With Land Values

Putnam County Commissioner Jonathan Williams said current economic uncertainties need to be considered as the county considers selling two pieces of property.

The county fairgrounds valued at $10.1 million is being considered for auction next spring. The possible sale of the Highway Department’s school bus garage property adjacent to the Jefferson Walmart is appraised at $2.8 million.

“We have COVID-19. We have a potential transition of presidential administrations, and retailers around the country have been a little hesitant about expanding,” Williams said. “I do believe we are sitting on a goldmine, but i think we need to be realistic about how much gold is there.”

Williams owns Veterans Barber Shop adjacent to the fairgrounds. He said that land has more retail possibilities compared to the bus garage property.

“I think the fairgrounds in particular has a lot of possibilities,” Williams said. “Retail is of course one of them. I think that would be a fantastic place for perhaps a convention center or hotel or any number of things. It does not have to be retail, but that certainly is among the things it could be.”

Williams said the most fiscally responsible way to move forward with the fairgrounds is to sell first and then build. This means the county could go two years without a fair while the new Tennessee Avenue location is constructed.

“The question the commission is going to have to answer and will probably get some input from the community is if we do sell first, we run the risk of not having the fair for a couple of years. The production of the fair is not a function of county government, so it is not something Putnam County government is obligated to provide. But, it is something that has been a tradition for a long time that people enjoy,” Williams said. “If we sell first and then build, we will have cash in hand to build, but of course, we may run the risk of not having a fair for period of time.”


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