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TTU Police Adding New Call Log Systems To Answer Audit Findings

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
TTU Police Adding New Call Log Systems To Answer Audit Findings

Tennessee Tech’s Compliance Officer Greg Holt said university police are implementing new systems for its record keeping.

That after an audit found 32 inaccuracies within the crime log reports, and calls for service were not being recorded.

“We are looking into software that will let us just fill in the information one time,” Holt said. “That will hopefully cut down on the inaccuracies, and the other thing is we could still have something that could go back and double check to make sure it was originally enters as it should have been.”

Holt said university police are also creating a separate service call list. Before, only calls that had a crime involved were recorded. The Clery Act, a federal law, requires all calls to be reported.

“It is important, because the Clery regulations require all calls that come into the police to be recorded,” Holt said. “I think what we were doing we were recording the actual calls of crime that came in. So if a crime was reported, we recorded that. To give an example, if someone called in saying they were missing their dogs, it was supposed to be recorded on the service log.”

Holt said other local universities had similar findings and are working with Tennessee Tech for an overall solution.

“The other locally governed institutions like ETSU, TSU, MTSU and so on. They had similar findings,” Holt said. “It is a defense if you will. We were all in the same boat on some of these. My point being that I think we are also working together to try and make sure we are coming up with across the board solutions, so that none of us face these same issues again.”

Holt said officers, including himself, have started double checking its reports for accuracy.


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