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Keeping a Healthy Christmas Tree at Home

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Keeping a Healthy Christmas Tree at Home

Christmas tree growers can get you the perfect tree this holiday season, but what happens when it leaves the hands of an expert?

Rocky Point Tree Farm Owner Richard Savage said a tree staying fresh after being cut can depend on what type of tree you buy. However, he said the most important thing someone can do is get it in water.

“The most important thing is to get it into water right away, that should mean within an hour after cutting,” Savage said. “Then never letting it run out of water, because if it does it can form a seal at the bottom, and then it won’t take up water after that.”

Hardluck Tree Farm Co-Owner Diane Savage said water is the most important thing to a healthy, cut tree. However, the water needs to be checked often.

“We always recommend just plain water, lots of people add additives to it but that really doesn’t help,” Savage said. “You have to keep it watered and not put it near a heat source, but check the water level everyday.”

Both growers said water and keeping the tree in a cool place inside is the key to avoiding a fire hazard. They also said buyers are good to go if they want to get a cut tree that will last through the holidays.


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