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Gainesboro Drafting Ordinance To Limit Outdoor Merchandise

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Gainesboro Drafting Ordinance To Limit Outdoor Merchandise

Gainesboro City Attorney Kayla Cantrell is drafting an ordinance with MTAS limiting the allowed amount of items displayed on store fronts.

A thrift store within city limits is the focus of the new regulations. Cantrell updated the Board of Alderman Thursday that a final draft would have its first read through during next month’s meeting.

“Well, we have had several complaints that the store front looks too cluttered, and it is full of trash and lots of second hand merchandise,” Cantrell said. “We are in the process. I am working with MTAS to draft a proposed ordinance.”

Cantrell said the city has asked the thrift store to clear its lot multiple times, but the surplus of items remain. Currently, Gainesboro has no ordinances limiting outdoor merchandise.

“I was thinking something to the effect of you cant have more than like five of second hand merchandise outside of your storefront for sale or 10 items,” Cantrell said. “Whatever y’all decide.”

The Board of Alderman is set to meet again in January to discuss the restrictions. The main concern is finding the appropriate limits without negatively affecting businesses.

“How do you do that without putting unreasonable restrictions on businesses like the antique store,” Cantrell said. “Where they have tables and chairs sitting out for sale, or Katrina’s that has racks of clothes out sometimes.”

Cantrell said she asked MTAS for a sample ordinance, but municipal services did not have an example to share.

“So, I called MTAS, and they really din’t have any sample statutes or ordinances like that,” Cantrell said. “But, they did say if we wrote one they would look at it and send it up to their higher ups and improve it.”

Cantrell said Gainesboro has to add another provision to the already approved overgrown lawn state statute to enforce the limit on store fronts.

Alderman Travis Agee said the thrift store on Grundy Quarles Highway could send away business from a new restaurant opening on a nearby lot next year.

“It is going to kill them,” Agee said. “Business is going to hurt right there.”

Alderman Rickey Head said the city needs an ordinance likes this.

“It sounds like you are right on track. We need to do something about it bad,” Head said.


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