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Livingston Aldermen Pass Resolution To Give Mayor Hiring Powers

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Aldermen Pass Resolution To Give Mayor Hiring Powers

The Livingston Board of Alderman has passed a resolution giving the city’s mayor the authority to hire, fire and suspend city employees without board approval.

The motion passed 4-2 during Monday’s Board of Alderman meeting. Alderman Kelly Coleman voted for and said the added capabilities would make replacing city employees more efficient.

“To me, it seems not very efficient if you got a leader of the town, who is authorized to manage and supervise his employees, but yet, he can’t fill an open position, a budgeted position with a qualifying candidate of his or her choosing.”

The resolution will now be sent to state legislature for approval. Then, the board will draft an ordinance that would go through two readings and a public hearing before adoption.

Alderman Rex Dale voted against the resolution and said he was concerned with future mayors taking advantage of the power.

“I don’t believe Curtis (hayes) would ever do this, but looking ahead in 50 years or 70 years and somebody else gets it,” Dale said. “Maybe, they hire who they want for police chief or fire chief that the board doesn’t approve.”

City Attorney John Meadows said when drafting the ordinance, limitations could be placed to restrict this authority. Meadows also said the board of alderman would have the ability to retract the ordinance if a mayor were to abuse the power.

Alderman David Langford said he was against the resolution, because the board approving new employees allows members to stay familiar with who is working in the city.

“When I see somebody going down the highway in a city vehicle, I want to at least know that I have seen them before, and if somebody ask me, I can give them a name,” Langford said. “And number two, I want them to know who I am.”

Coleman said a provision could be added to include all hires in the executive actions portion of a meeting agenda to let each member greet the new employee.

Hayes said regardless what is passed, he will continue to run the city the same way, but the ability to fill positions would save time.

“If it does not pass, it doesn’t pass,” Hayes said. “We are still going to operate the city of Livingston like I have been doing for the last 14 years. I mean it would be a little convenient.”

In other business, the Livingston Board of Alderman has approved the locations of the city’s two newest murals.

Chamber of Commerce Director Shannon Cantrell said Pickers Palace and AC Squared Bakery were businesses selected. Next step is to share their design ideas with the artist from Tennessee Tech’s Center for Rural Innovation. Five total applications were submitted.

The city also approved repair’s to the city’s sewer plant roof. The $7,000 bid awarded to TNT Roofing to replace the city’s sewer plant roof. Hayes said leaking was becoming an issue for the 20 year old rooftop.


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