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Private Investor Putting $250K Towards Monterey Doctor Search

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Private Investor Putting $250K Towards Monterey Doctor Search

A private investor has offered to put $250,000 towards finding a replacement for the retiring Dr. Charles Gray Smith in Monterey.

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels said the investor would upgrade equipment and aesthetics in the office, also offering to pay the first year’s salary if the town does not charge rent for two years.

Reels said the city and investor will continue the search with an April 30 deadline.

“If we can find a doctor that’s willing to do it and work with him, then that’s good,” Reels said. “If he can find one, either a doctor, PA or nurse practitioner, then he’ll move forward with that and then we’ll work on a lease to do that.”

The lease would go up by 25 percent after the first two years, and the full rent would be paid in the 6th year. Reels said the cost for Monterey would be $9,000 in each of the first two years, if rent is not charged.

He said Monterey does have clinics and nurse practitioners, but before this investor, the town did not know how they could recruit a doctor.

“None of us are medical professionals, so we don’t know how to recruit a doctor to come to Monterey,” Reels said. “This guy is in a position… I don’t know who it is, I’ve been told it’s someone that’s just an investor that is willing to do this.”

Reels said the next step is continuing the search for a doctor to fill Dr. Smith’s role in the town. However, Reels said it is a “no brainer” to let this investor step in to the search.

“They’re taking that responsibility off the town of Monterey and taking it upon themselves to do this,” Reels said. “I mean, how can the citizens of Monterey not win with this situation.”

Reels said paying the first year’s salary is an incentive to bringing in a new doctor. Reels said it is a guarantee from the investor to get a doctor here, while the practice builds over time.


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