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Preventing Porch Pirates Stealing Holiday Packages

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Preventing Porch Pirates Stealing Holiday Packages

It is porch pirate season during the holidays, Livingston Police Chief Greg Etheredge said being home when packages are delivered is the best prevention.

However, that is not always possible when people are working. Etheredge said having a doorbell camera can be the best way to prevent packages from disappearing, without a trace.

“In today’s world in law enforcement video seems to be the key… Whether it’s a description of clothing, particular sized person,” Etheredge said. “There’s always other features that help you identify them during the course of the investigation, and then often times you can see a vehicle.”

Etheredge said for Livingston, if one of these thefts are reported that usually means two or three have happened in the neighborhood. He said if people do not have a doorbell camera, ask a neighbor who will be home for help.

“Picking it up directly from the post office or even sending it to someone you know, that’s going to be home,” Etheredge said. “Tell the delivery service that, that’s where you would like it to go.”

He said one thing to avoid doing during the holidays, is announcing on social media that you’re travelling. Etheredge said you create an opportunity for criminals if they know that no one is watching.

“When people are going out of town during the holidays and they put on social media,’ hey, we’re going to be out of town for two or three days,” Etheredge said. “That is not a good idea, tell everybody what you did, when you return from your trip.”

Etheredge said that without video evidence, they must question neighbors if they have seen anything. As well as, looking to see if there are any other reports of stolen packages to try and track a thief’s movement.


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