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Wolf Creek Fire Station Dependent on Dekalb Fire Volunteers

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Wolf Creek Fire Station Dependent on Dekalb Fire Volunteers

Dekalb County has set money aside to start funding a fire station in Wolf Creek, but the county needs volunteer firefighters before committing to construction.

Fire Chief Donny Green said they’ve started a training program in the area along the Putnam-Dekalb County line. Green said the minimum number of volunteers to staff the station would be six, but having up to 12 would be the preference.

“If you do an investment with a station and equipment or a fire engine… All that’s for naught if you don’t have volunteers to staff it,” Green said. “We kind of ask for a commitment on the front end of that and that’s where we’re at now. We’re still looking for more volunteers.”

Green said residents can get an application on the Dekalb County Fire Departments website. He said once training is implemented they would be responding from the Temperance Hall area.

“All they have to do is get a membership application, they can go to our website at and get that off, and send that to us,” Green said. “We can go ahead and actually get them on board and get their training implemented.”

Green said once enough seed money is set aside each year, construction of a Wolf Creek fire station can begin. He said this is standard protocol by the county commission.

“Since I’ve been on, we’ve added four stations and that’s been the protocol every time,” Green said. “We have to have a commitment from volunteers in the community, before the county would invest that kind of money.”

Green said there is a list of residents who have expressed interest in volunteering for the future Wolf Creek station. He said there is currently one volunteer going through the recruit training class.


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