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Addressing Learning Loss Important To House Speaker

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Addressing Learning Loss Important To House Speaker

Learning gaps and BEP funding are the main concerns in education leading into next month’s 112th Tennessee General Assembly.

Governor Bill Lee has reportedly considered calling a special session to address these pandemic related challenges before the main session begins. House Speaker Cameron Sexton said learning loss is a point of concern.

“I think there are some things out there that we really do need to look at,” Sexton said. “Learning lose and how do we overcome that this year. We know there is going to be learning lose all across the state of Tennessee. Especially in the lower grades with reading and math, and potentially losing the gains we made over all these years. I definitely think there are some thing that need attention.”

When it comes to hold harmless BEP funding, Sexton said this endeavor is difficult as the state faces lawsuits.

“That is going to require a lot more discussion,” Sexton said. “Some of the local education associations or school boards have sued the state for BEP funding. So, it may be hard to do something in that endeavor.”

Sexton said while it may take several months, tutoring programs for young students could solve the learning gap.

“If we are looking to try to implement some type of tutoring or summer school program for kids at younger ages,” Sexton said. “K through three or maybe four through eight. Then, we probably need several months to get that up and going and get it active. I think it is very important.”

The General Assembly convenes on January 12th. Sexton said the weeks of recess following would probably be the time a session is called.  Sexton said Governor Lee’s decision will be based on how urgently he needs legislation passed for next year.


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