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Holiday Foods To Keep Away From Your Pets

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Holiday Foods To Keep Away From Your Pets

People are not the only ones hungry this holiday season. Watch out for your pets sniffing out snacks that may affect their health.

Dr. Kristin Edds owns the Bluegrass Veterinarian Clinic in Sparta. Edds said each year, veterinarians prepare for an increase in patients eating infamous toxic treats.

“Chocolate,” Edds said. “And also, things they just eat off the Christmas tree. A lot of people do not think about that, but tencel is a big problem for cats and ornaments and ornament hooks. Things like that or presents that are already wrapped under the tree. Beef jerkey. Summer sausage.”

Edds said just because your presents may be wrapped, that does not mean they are safe. Edds said every year she sees animals unwrapping gifts to eat.

“Everybody forgets. They think once it is wrapped, it is done, but they can smell it, and they will go find it,” Edds said. “So, every year we have animals unwrapping food gifts, and that is how they get stuff. It is not always intentional. It is not always people giving it to them.”

Edds said regular household foods can also cause major health implications for your pets.

“Raisins and grapes,” Edds said. “A lot of people like to give their dogs grapes as treats, but they can be toxic. So even one grape can be toxic to some dogs.”

Other food to stay away from are fatty meats, garlic, avocado and onions.

Some safe foods to share with your furry friends in moderation are boiled white meats, lean ground beef and some vegetables, but Edds said to mainly stick to cat or dog food this holiday season.


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