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Clay County 911 Asking for Help Identifying Homes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Clay County 911 Asking for Help Identifying Homes

Every second matters when responding to an emergency and that is why Clay County 911 is asking residents to make sure their house number is visible.

911 Director Beth Moulton said residents need to post their numbers on their mailbox, home or at the road so it can be seen from both directions. Moulton said they do run into homes with no visible markings, but that it is easy to find the correct house when there are reflective signs.

“In a medical situation we always say every second counts, especially in a heart attack or a stroke,” Moulton said. “In a domestic situation, where maybe there’s a husband and a wife or a family into it, or something is going on like that… every second does count because we can get there much quicker if the address is posted.”

Moulton said trimming the trees and grass near the house number markings help with identifying a home. She also said remaining on the line with 911 and answering as many questions as possible is a big help to responders.

“If you are calling 911, I know there’s a lot of questions that they ask,” Moulton said. ” Sometimes people get frustrated with us, but those questions and those answers are important.”


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