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Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Dangers Of Retractable Leashes

When walking your dog, you might want to reconsider using retractable leashes.

Copeland Veterinary Practice Manager Kristin Gunnels said retractable leashes can be dangerous to both pets and people. She recommends using a six foot short leash.

“Retractable leashes with their length and allowing the pet to maneuver really wherever they want to go, pets can become wrapped around obstacles. They can get wrapped around people,” Gunnels said. “I do not know if you have ever had a retractable leash get wrapped around your leg, but it definitely can be painful.”

Gunnels said people who do use retractable leads should keep the length locked. Copeland Veterinary has seen retractable leashes lead to pets jumping out of vehicles and injuries from entanglement.

“If you are going to be around obstacles or a group of people,” Gunnels said. “Keeping that pet locked in at a shorter distance gives you a lot more control and creates a safer environment for the people around and that pet.”



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